Vacuum technique or lamination is one of the most commonly used techniques in socket manufacturing for prosthetics. In this section you will find all the materials needs for the manufacturing of prosthetics sockets: resins, carbons, reinforcement agents (nylon, perlon, nyglass, dakron, microfiber), demolding sprays, PVA bags etc… OKM Lycras are also specially conceived for prosthetics socket decoration trough lamination process. This fabric offers a great elasticity in order to adapt to any mold without deforming the image.

Carbon/Glass tubular

Carbonfiber blanket

EVA Plastic

Fiberglass blanket

Flat Carbon Fiber 5cm

Free Silicone lubricant spray

Lamination Resin

Microfiber for laminate


Perlon for laminate

Pigment for laminate

PVA bag opened and not opened

Release agent grease

Silicone lubricant spray

Tubular carbon fiber