Dear Customers,

During these past months we have been working on manufacturing polyurethane blocks in a more sustainable and ecological way. As a matter of fact, one of our main goals was and will continue to be reducing as much as possible the negative impact our chemical products may have on our sector´s professionals or our environment.

Following this goal, we are proud to announce that all our polyurethane blocks for carvers or robots are CFCs and HFCs free and comply to Kyoto and Montreal protocols requirements for 2023.

What are CFCs and HFCs gases? The CFCs and HFCs (chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons) are gases that were used for y

ears in hundreds of industrial applications (packagings, aerosols, air conditioners, refrigerating systems, solvents, insulating foams, etc.). However, scientists discovered that some of these gases destroy our ozone layer and can remain in the atmosphere for more than 200 years. The o

zone layer protects us from the sun´s ultraviolet radiation. Destroying it increases cancer probabilities and causes negative effects on our environment. Great part of CFCs were substituted by HFCs. Though they do not harm our ozone layer, HFCs increase the greenhouse effect and are directly implicated in climate change. Therefore, they must be avoided as well.

In this context, many companies are working hard to reduce emission of these gases harmful to our Health and our Planet. Different studies indicate that if we all respected the prohibition of CFC´s the ozone layer hole could disappear in 2050-2060.

OKM is proud to embrace this Human and Ecological Challenge. Step by step, thanks to our R&D team we aim to become a more “ecofriendly” company.

Come and join us!

OKM Team