Discover Uniprox hydraulic knees.

JT30: The hydraulic polycentric knee has a discreet structure (even in the seated position) and allows to adjust the extension with interchangeable resistance on the sides. Smooth movement: The resistance increases progressively with the gait speed in the acceleration phase. Light Swing: The swing of the hydraulic system is easily adjusted from “soft gait” (light resistance) to “fast gait” (strong resistance). High comfort: the 5 axes are designed to provide a comfortable and fatigue-free ride. The maximum supported weight is 125kg.

JT40: The hydraulic monocentric knee is compact and very light (496gr) in aluminum with the center of the rear axle for greater stability. Minimalist: its lightness in design allows it to be easily covered with cosmetics and covers. High safety: central axis is moved back to stabilize the stance phase. Light pre-swing: The size of the hydraulic cylinder facilitates the transition from support to swing for all users up to 100kg of weight.